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Are you on Instagram? If so, you may have wondered how to print and display your Instagram photos. Being a very visual thinker, Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I love visualizing an image to represent a moment or a thought, bringing that to life with special filters and settings, and then sharing that with friends (and strangers!).  I love Instagram so much that I've stopped printing any other photos that I take, and only printing my Instagrams. The images that I decide to Instagram are truly my favorite moments from an event, and because of that, the images I most want printed and displayed in my personal spaces. I have some favorite ways of doing just that, and I want to share that with you today!

First, are you aware of the many, many wonderful apps out there to use in concert with Instagram? The filters on IG are amazing, but you can also add text and texture with other apps before importing your images into IG. A few that I like are Rhonna Designs, A Beautiful Mess, PicFrame and Waterlogue. Each of these apps does something slightly different, and each have their specialty. My tween daughter especially loves A Beautiful Mess and has actually become very good at editing photos and adding her own sentiments and thoughts with text and doodles. It's a fun and creative outlet that goes way beyond typical photo-taking at an event or on a trip. 

When it comes to printing, I have had great success with which is owned by the awesome Print Studio. I am not an affiliate of theirs, but I wish I was! Their prints are amazing. I love the matte feel and look, and the white border on each photo. {All of my Instagrams in the photo above were printed by them} I think they are extremely affordable and their customer service is fantastic. Their products have expanded since they opened in 2011, and besides prints, they now offer magnets, framed prints, posters, photostrips, photobooks, t-shirts and more. I am planning to order photostrips for the first time in the near future. A set of 9 strips (36 photos) is $10. Very cool! If you laminate them, I think they would make awesome bookmark gifts. And, they now have an app called PrintStudio. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm planning to download it before I place my next order.

Shutterfly has a cool way of printing an Instagram photo book. You can print what's called a Familygram book starting at only $12.99. It has some pretty embellishments, and the photo frames are square and sized perfectly for your Instagrams. They have two other Instagram-specific books that you can find by clicking here

We display our Instgrams in our kitchen using this frame from Pier 1. I'm sure you could make one of these yourself if you are feeling crafty! It's basically a square frame with wire and clothespins. For only about $20, it was worth it to me to buy it. We change it out seasonally and it's a great way to see the beautiful moments I've captured without scrolling through my phone. I also like to include colorful patterned cardstock, or a small piece of art with a quote, in my collection. Together it creates such a personal piece in your favorite space.

I also love this frame on Amazon. It holds 9 4 x 4 Instagram prints. I think it would look great with a few pieces of patterned cardstock, or quotes taking up some of the spaces. At only $14.99, it's a steal!

If you want to hold more, this frame holds 16 and, again, I would definitely include some text mixed in with photos. It comes in white or natural, and I really like the natural one. Very pretty for a hallway.
On Pinterest, there are tons of ideas for displaying Instagrams. This is one of my very favorite ideas. Liz at Love Grows Wild has an awesome tutorial for DIY photo clipboards. I have all the materials to make these, just need to make the time! I love their simplicity and the ease of changing the photos out. This would be perfect for Instagrams.

via Love Grows Wild
Shelley over at The House of Smiths has a cool Instagram wall for displaying her photos. It's a bit more involved to make it, but it makes a real statement!

How do you print and display your Instagram photos?

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