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Printable Kids' Joke Book |

Do you have a "Funny" among your household?  Someone who likes to be silly and entertain family and friends?  We have one of those at our house.  We discovered this when my daughter Campbell was 9 months old.  She put her sippy cup up on her head, looked around, grinned and said, "Wook.  Wook."  We all looked, and laughed, and ever since that kid has been cracking us up.  From her funny faces, to her creative stories, and most recently, her quest to make up really good jokes.

I have a friend who has her own Funny, and this summer she put together a book of all of her child's jokes and had it bound.  I thought this was a great idea!  Very similar to putting together a photobook of your child's drawings, a book of a child's original jokes and stories is such a sweet way to capture this moment in their lives.

This idea inspired me to put together a joke book at home for Campbell.  I included some of her originals, as well as some of her favorites that she learned from another Funny (her cousin Anna).  I also created several pages for her to add jokes as she thinks of them or if she comes across one that really makes her laugh.

Printable Kids' Joke Book |

As I gave her the book, she told me she'd been thinking lately about peanut butter and jelly.  She wasn't sure yet of the joke, but she felt it was really good material.

Printable Kids' Joke Book |

Want your own joke book for your favorite Funny?  Free printable by clicking here; I've left the name part blanks so you can write in your Funny's name.  Just print, cut, punch a hole and slide on a ring.

Printable Kids' Joke Book |

How do you capure your child's unique characteristics?

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