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There is something about receiving an award that makes our inner light shine brighter; that someone took the time to recognize what is unique in us and then tell others about it. Sometimes it can be the simplest things that shape us, especially during childhood.
End of the Year Awards for Kids |

During our last church youth group meeting for our elementary aged children, we made a special point of recognizing each child for their gifts.  We wanted to show the group that each person brings something special to the group and if that person wasn't there, something important would be missing.

The children were thrilled and loved the specific recognition of their own gifts, but also the gifts of their friends.  They spontaneously started a drum roll before the reading of each name and cheered loudly for each person. They proudly told their parents about the award they received as they were picked up from the meeting.

We found a great resource on Teachers Pay Teachers that had over 50 different superlatives, from "King of Questions" to "Friendly Neighbor."  We found the perfect one for each of our young friends. Each certificate had a fun and unique title and meaningful words in smaller type to reinforce the title.  And they are simple adorable!

You can find the $3.25 downloadable file here.

It was easy to download and print, saving us a lot of time. It is a simple and wonderful way to light a spark in a little friend.

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