Delightful Kids: Writing Children's Thank You Notes


Having a birthday party is so much fun, but sometimes it can be like pulling teeth to get kids to write the important thank you notes afterwards.  Use these tips to help make the job easier:
  • When you address the invitations, go ahead and address the thank you note envelopes.  This way, you only need to find the addresses once and it makes quick work out of getting the notes in the mail once they've been written.
  • Find a friend to help write down the name of the child and their gift during the party.  If the list is easy to read, older children can use this as a guide when it's time to thank the gift givers.
  • To help encourage those kids that love to procrastinate, make a rule that a gift cannot be played with or used until the note has been written.
  • Sit down with your child and come up with a template for the notes.  Be sure to specifically mention the gift, compliment the gift or gift giver, and mention when you hope to see or talk to the person in the future.  Having a template will help your child with spelling, punctuation, and knowing what to say in the note.
  • Get younger children involved by letting them apply return address labels and stamps to each envelope.
  • Pick out stationery that reflects your child's personality and personalize it with your child's name. 
Writing thank you notes is a great opportunity for parents to talk about gratitude with children.  You can explain why this an important value in your family.  Even better, have this discussion before a birthday or celebration where gifts will be given.  Instead of having to prompt your child with "what do you say to Aunt Helen?" you may find your child showing sincere appreciation for someone's thoughtfulness . . . which is something we all can appreciate.

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